There are certain times of the year, or rather (ahem) certain times of the month that I seriously crave a hamburger. But not just any hamburger; it has to be a Legendary Burger with cheese from that old Vancouver institution, White Spot. Do you think Nat Bailey knew this about women when he called upon his genie in a bottle to help him conjure up the heavenly Triple O sauce (which is likely no more complicated than combining mayo with some red relish – who knew!)? Do you think he counted on the fact that there were hundreds, perhaps thousands, of women in need of a substantial dose of protein, iron and extra fat on a rotational 28 day cycle? Do you think he understood how many men’s lives he was saving by offering up this greasy antidote? Well if he did, he himself was the genius.


This past Thursday night, I got invited over to my friend Des’s place for a chin wag. Far too much time had elapsed since our last visit and it called for a bottle of wine, maybe even two. Given the new drinking and driving laws that are now in place, I packed my toothbrush and a bottle of Cedar Creek Syrah in my old kit bag and headed down to Chinatown. There was alot to catch up on…the men situation (there’s always a man situation), our recent travels (me to NYC, she to Tofino), various health issues that coincidentally have reared their heads at the exact same time in our lives, and our game plan on next steps for living large, which is our collective mission in life.

Not wanting to venture out into the still rainy evening to find food (since drinking two bottles of wine isn’t really advisable on an empty stomach), I suggested we throw together one of my addictions – a couldn’t-be-simpler pasta and tomato sauce recipe that I discovered on one of my favorite food blogs. Seriously, just three ingredients – a nice big hunk of butter, a can of plum tomatoes, and a yellow onion – all thrown together in a pot and reduced down to a chunky concoction, then poured over some fusilli col buco, is all it takes to complete the recipe of life: delicious food and wine, inspiring conversation, and time spent with a good friend.

My phone rang last night as a rainstorm of biblical proportions hammered my windowpanes. For the last two days I’ve been hunkered down, under the afghan, on my couch while I nurse a brutal head cold that refuses to retreat. The caller was an ex-boyfriend from good ol’ Montana, someone with whom I’m rarely in touch but also someone whose voice never fails to soothe me. For those of you that have never been, Montana truly is paradise found. I have very fond memories of my time there, and this particular conversation was a walk down memory lane, stirring in me all kinds of emotions – regret, gratitude, jealousy, love, disappointment. It had been a pretty complex relationship.

I found myself dragging my sorry ass off my couch, cell phone perched in the crook of my neck (a very tricky feat in case you’ve never tried it) to put on the kettle; I could tell this wasn’t going to be a short conversation. And because I was a) suffering through a head full of cement and b) talking to an ex with whom I’d had closure but hadn’t ever really reconciled the fact that I gave it all up and it’s now unlikely I will ever ride on the back of a Harley again with the wind in my hair as I watch the big sky sunsets of Montana, I needed just one thing to accompany that cup of steaming Earl Grey tea: a Tim Tam!

These perfect little Australian morsels of perfection (chocolate cream filled chocolate biscuits covered in chocolate), dipped into the hot tea and therefore melting slightly to soften to a velvety texture, served to remind me that life in Vancouver, on my couch during a cold and rainy night, is actually exactly where I belong.